Published on Nov 27, 2017

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Bitfinex has just admitted that Tethers are coming from ‘people converting their cryptos into Tethers’, vs ‘USD’ coming into the system. This basically means that it’s not USD buying creating Tethers, but ‘crypto’ to USDT. Obviously, cryptos are not US Dollars. This is what I have been saying all along, and now it comes from the horses mouth. Trade carefully. Information is here:
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Clearly the most important topic is your new haircut bro.



When will you do a live stream? Crypto market is in a very tricky position right now, so the DataDash community really needs your insight now, coming into December 🙂



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I already knew a lot about the tether controversy but this was informative on a new level. Great work



Damn Nick! We are changing the name of the channel to CryptoPimp! I guess someone put Super Cuts on the blockchain….. Keep the excellent content coming!



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Tim Moore


Love your work Nick. PS: I wish I could earn 0.1BTC each time you say “at the en



Yeah whether or not any of the negative allegations toward Tether are true, all of this evidence is too much ignore and I avoid it like the plague now. It’s a shame because it’s such a useful trading tool on exchanges that don’t deal in fiat currency.




Luke Strachan

Now THAT is the haircut of a man with a YouTube channel with over 100,000 subscribes and a sizeable cryptocurrency portfolio.


Lance Jordan

At the end of the day ( down to about 16x this video ) Tether smells like a massive scam. Thanks for the unbiased fair report!


Joe Bobby

I have to say you are looking energized. You were looking a bit worn out. Nice to see you back at 100%.


Cristiano Santos

Can anyone explain me why I can deposit tether in many exchanges but none acceptes withdraws in tether?


Mike M

use tether like a cold shower, in and out quick



Investigative reporting by Nick! Thank you for the researched information.


Dude Its Jag

Sounds pretty sketchy to me. I’m going to stay away for now.


Chris Dratz

Super relevant. On point. Concise. Objective. Top 5 of the videos you’ve done yet!


Slick Nick!



There is high demand of usdt now because it’s the closest to USD just before a pullback man, cmon!!


Where’s the bookshelf??


Greyghost TV

People who have a stake in tether be like “ITS JUST FUD, YOU JUST ARE BUTTHURT YOU DIDNT MAKE MONEY”



Data dash I follow you almost daily. But you often show charts in a linear setting and often things look bubblicious when you compare growth from 10% of 100 and 10% of 8,000. As a trader I never look a a linear chart. Just look at the NASDAQ from 1972 to today in linear vs log. Much different pictures of growth. Is there a reason you choose linear on a daily or weekly chart?




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