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The blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that underlies cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. It provides a way to record and transfer data that is transparent, safe, auditable, and resistant to outages. The blockchain has the ability to make the organizations that use it transparent, democratic, decentralized, efficient, and secure. It’s a technology that holds a lot of promise for the future, and it is already disrupting many industries. Original post:… More podcasts & videos about the blockchain: Support us on Patreon: Check out our merch store:… Blockchain startups and projects featured in this video: Bitcoin – Abra – Provenance – Fluent (Rebranded to Hijro) – SKUChain – Blockverify – Augur – Networking and IoT Adept –… Aeternity – Arcade City – La’Zooz –… Innogy –… UBS –… ZF –… Online Data Storage Storj – IPFS – BitGive Foundation – Democracy Earth – Follow My Vote – GovCoin –… Dubai Blockchain Strategy –… Circles – Gem – Tierion – TransactiveGrid – Mycelia – Ujo Music – OpenBazaar – OB1 – Ubitquity – Consensys – Ethereum – Future Thinkers is a podcast about evolving technology, society and consiousness. If you want to learn more about the blockchain technology, you can listen to some of our episodes going in depth. Support us on Patreon: Donate through Paypal or cryptocurrency: Check out our merch store:

the common man has no idea what’s coming


To be clear, Blockchain does not “manage” trust, it eliminates the need for trust.



But will the blockchan remove government at all?137
The block chain can also be used for managing hiring employees in a company. is using ethereum I believe to allow company’s to post jobs and have freelancers submit their proposals. Then individuals that make voting decisions for the company and can vote for proposals. Once the job is completed reputation and payment is given to the freelancer. I believe this will be the norm for the future as it’s seems we need to have more diverse skills in the workplace.99
it will disrupt the graphic card industry because everyone is buying out GPU to mine bitcoin.
Great Info, thanks. Still mining and still investing. The future is bright. A hope for a world is a bit of a mess.
Blockchain+AI=True new world Order  31
A little flaw in the video: UBS, Innogy an ZF are no startups at all, they are huge companies with billions of revenue.19

Biff Bifford

Haha. The democrats are going to fight this to their last breath. The last thing on earth they want is fair elections. Just look what Hillary did to Bernie.12
#14: just because you sell energy P2P does not mean you will eliminate the grid – you will still need to pay for the service of the grid to transmit the energy to the buyer unless you can make it travel through the air (which in that case they would need to be right next to you similar to wireless charging for phones). In most cases, there are already many power producers competing with each other for customers on the grid. I wouldn’t expect the energy industry to be disrupted too significantly just because blockchain would allow normal people can generate power and sell it P2P. Normal people won’t have the resources to compete in prices…just not worth it.
“The data is verified and encrypted”. HUH? No it isn’t.15
Corruption. Not Curruption.14
Bruno M

facebook! STEEMIT pays you for your activity 12

You could just put EVERYTHING without listing certain industries. But don’t get overexcited, it will happen if we manage to solve main challenges of Blockchain: – Lack of privacy – The security model – Limited scalability – High costs – Hidden centrality – Lack of flexibility – Critical size

Fernando RR900

Until the big guys get quantum computers and use them to hack all of this…
WTF is this voice?
Just a reminder that the 2016 Democratic primary was rife with questionable results and purposefully lacking / refused audits, and even in some cases (such as Chicago, IL,) outright changed vote tallies. And that Bernie Sanders polled 10 points better against Trump than Hillary Clinton did. The world might look very different today if the US used blockchain technology instead of proprietary, closed-source e-voting machines and tabulators.
missing Encrypgen in this video. A way to store your genomic data on the blockchain and give partial or timed access to scientists or doctors.
Very nice video and a very good presentation on block chain. If this technology is so secure, then how come bitcoins were stolen in many instances? Most notably, Mt.Gox (Japanese bitcoin exchange) and Bitfinex (Hong Kong bitcoin exchange) crashed following theft of many millions of dollars of bitcoins that were lost forever by genuine owners and the thieves never traced !?!?
Hey Don’t it have any Disadvantages because all I am seeing is the positive side rather than also discussing abut its bad impact.
mind blowing … loved it
Davin Chase
Wow there little honey. Block-chain doesn’t guarantee a democracy. Nor will it guarantee decentralization at least as far as who controls it. I fine example is ripple. Centralized, non-democratic.And how can anyone talk about the fact that every single cyber-penny you make will be tracked and audited as a good thing? This is starting to sound like cyber slavery.
I’m interested in blockchain technology to apply as control departure of each “Owndated Webquantum” creation in Economy 4G3W.
After autocracy mankind arrived to democracy and now to block chain
How about “Arts and Craft” industry? Do you see scope for this sector as well?
Bc and e-coins enthusiasts are completing blind they ‘re don’t getting that BC technology is a new way of intermediaries party, called block (middle man) and just upgrades the process, instead of direct asses or STP (straight through processing) is now per to per but there’s something standing in between the Ps and that thing or things is the block or blocks so is the company that creates the blockchain. What would a bank start creating and investing in this technology ? Because they will make money of it… the hype around BC is that banks and other financials institution will end their middle man (the companies that provides prime brokerage services, clearing and custody firm will be out busines) and there is the go for many other companies…. Blocchain will distrup for sure, but is no 100% true that middle man will end. The Bitcoin and others cryptos are just hot air, they will burst any time soon enough, the disruption relies that BC will turn up many many process into a very cheap one.
I keep hearing how decentralized blockchain is. It’s not! The developer has all the power.
Can..we put “Fake News” on a block chain?
Cant wait for LISK blockchain aplication platform to come out in the late 2017!
Brilliant and short! congrats.
Check out for blockchain based governance And for blockchain based voting

Mathew Heggem

Excited to see how this technology impacts both the accounting profession and the arts world!
The days of Rothchild are coming to end
Nur Khansa
i just wondering if this blockchain economy someday rules the world, then what would happened with people who barely have access to the computer, let alone proper internet connection to access all these things? Digital divide is still a huge problem to many developed countries…the gap within society probably will increasing despite blockchain’s capability to decentralized power
I don’t see ride-sharing service like Uber based on the blockchain as good idea, the great thing of Uber is that the drivers are filtered by a company that issues independent contracts to the person that is looking to log in the platform and becomes a taxi driver. Blockchain can help the driver to avoid those crazy fees those companies cut them self as margin profit, but what makes secure the user experience? that the driver can be blocked from the platform for bad behavior, Ok.. but what about the driver don’t give a fuck because he uses another blockchain and getting banned from one won’t make any difference as he can be using a private platform (Uber, Lyft) or another BC network? the things of ride sharing on blockchain is an HOTair, it will fail because you cannot policy and interview all the contracts operating in the blockchain by a network of 5-star givers (users) that it’s just childish and wishful thinking, it will be a mess. And what about hacking? blockchain relying on the user device to store data (and runs the block) so what if someone just put virus (like WannaCry) that spread on many phones on the network and shut down the platform for few minutes? the blockchain in this scenario will be realizing the trolls (the crazy pervert to do the fuck they want with the riders) is too much complication, and is not secure… I don’t know I still no trust blockchain in that way… it needs some form of 3dr party with some responsible limited liability Blockchain sound awesome for another thing like finance but few other is not necessary because the trust… you trust the Uber driver because he/she is no just cab driver, they are people with that gets contract for private corporation that makes sure he qualifies and can be persecuted if something goes pretty wrong with this independent contractor no just banning the independent contractor for having less than 4 stars.
That blockchain tech could replace lots of areas in our society which is smart city might necessary. A Hongkonger.
– Smart Home’s currency and local smart contracts between familly members – Payment for home’s appliances usage – servitization – Drone as a Butler – data scanning, decision making – 3D printed flying vacuum cleaners for fast room’s cleaning
Hey does anyone know a good/ reliable website to do research on this topic? -blockchain -different currencies?
Disturbing the mass corruption of incarceration the un hide able industry of enslavment and mass incarseration, U.K. now the tuna round up that has swept the streets and family’s homes world wide.

jp photon

circles seems to have no logo yet, the logo you showed is for a different company called circle

Ah shitty work of the future where the employer is in even better position. You will have to have at least 2 master degrees and speak 3 languages. Wonder who will pay all that education… P. S. English is my third language before insults start….
What about food production and supply chains ?
I recognize these voices from the interviews with Vinay Gupta.
This is all amazing, but a random cme or emp will disrupt everything dealing with anything and everything digital, so no matter what make sure to have something that’s physical and can be used in a person to person transactions no matter what the rest of the world is doing, if you can’t literaly hold it in your hand it equals to nothing after any kind of disaster happens, but that’s just my thoughts on this subject. Like any kind of investment, try to diversify and get the best of all possibilities and outcomes.
Serious question… Was it a woman or a young boy who voiced this video?
screenshotted this at 184k views, waiting for it to turn into millions in a few years time
why are the banks investing in it? so what? we don’t need them to, its here now and many other technologies such x11 dash coin. it will work fine without the banks this is after all the whole point of this technology is to take the power away they once had to enslave people through debt obligations.

READING ALL the Comments on Youtube Can Really give you the complete insight !

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