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Obvoiusly: my focus should be on:

Top 40 best perfume in India

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Post can target following

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 There are other KWs on other bog post

 Best perfume for men

Best perfume for women …. At 80- 90 position…. Lets do about them later

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It is correct to write

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Not correct

Best perfumes in India

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Best attars in India (In fact they do not seem to deliver more clicks either in WEBMASTER)

In fact, you mean here as (And you should write like)

Best perfume brands in India

Top 10 best attar brands in India

Best attar brands in India

……………………………………………..The above proposition however doesn’t hold below………

best fragrance oil brands              <10         <10         12           Great    90

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Use this Keyword and see the best of the resources

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LISTENING & READING have different impact in your English Learning

3 Big Mistakes in Your English Listening


[Listening ….. never equals  ……. Reading]

[Translating…… waste of time                    ]

[Expecting 100% …   shouldn’t be done  ..even native speakers don’t catch 100% of what they hear…. 60-80% understanding is ideal  ]

during Reading we learn by visuals….

During listening we learn by audio… the sounds, phrases, words… etc.

Write vs Spell …. Different … because of dipthongs, silent words… etc.

Do not try to listen the same way you READ…

Translating in your native language is waste of time … you are not focussed to listening.

Phrases, idioms..cultural words are difficult to be translated exactly in your own native .. so I encourage you to listen and match it with meaning directly … cut out the translator.. cut out the middleman.

……………………..Morning Routine………………

Must have …

Reading books

Flash cards app to paly quiz with Vocabs

Video chats with native speakers : italki.com, gonaturalenglish.com, lingoda.com/en, cambly.com [ italki is the site where you can get teachers who are native speakers, 500 in English, 600 in spanish …. Lingoda is too small on scale when compared to iTALKI… has a CJ affiliation route too 14k UV vs 80k UV]


Italki could also be good for: Guddi, Anamika the phD student, and to me also … Guddi can take to this platform for teaching Hindi…. Chhotu can too as English…. FOR Chhotu and anybody wishing to be a good speaker of English .. let them get trained in WRITING & VOCABULARY

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Stop translating in your head & think directly in English

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmIHeeQrV2E  (TRAIN YOUR MUSCLE for English by IMMERSING in it …)

Secrets to Understand Fast-talking Americans : English Listening Practice


Understand FAST English Conversations [Advanced Listening Lesson]


pep talk india- spoken English & public speaking classes, courses, training in Delhi


(बोलने की शुरुआत छोटी भी करें तो कंटिन्यू रखे…आप ड़ूब जाएँ उसमे. छोटे बछड़े को उठाना शुरू किया और कंटिन्यू किया…   आपका दिमाग पहले से ही भाषा सीखने के लिए कंडिशन्ड हैं…. आप वो काम करे जिसे आप करना पसंद करते हैं. फिर रिविजन एवं रेपिटीसन महतवपूर्ण हैं)

English with Lucy

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz4tgANd4yy8Oe0iXCdSWfA  (Channel)

5 things native English speakers NEVER say!


(Lucy is a teacher on iTalki and Lingoda both )

STOP SAYING THIS ✋You might be RUDE in English!



(trainer: Marina Mogilko )


Site:  Comapny


How to enter a US university?


The Step by Step Guide to Enter a University in the USA


How I Got into Top American Universities with Full Ride Scholarships


BEST TV SHOWS TO LEARN ENGLISH – vocabulary, hacks, topics




list below:

  1. Stay out of trouble. = don’t do anything bad
  2. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.
  3. You’re pushing your luck. = taking too many risks
  4. You have your head in the clouds. = not being realistic
  5. Let me know… = please tell me
  6. Get back to me. = respond to me
  7. Get over yourself. = stop being so conceited
  8. Get real. = be realistic
  9. Let’s get down to business.
  10. It was like pulling teeth.
  11. Good to know.
  12. Who knows?
  13. Who cares? = no one cares
  14. Who do you think you are?
  15. Who asked you?
  16. I’d like to pick your brain.
  17. Keep me posted. = update me when things change
  18. I don’t know off the top of my head. = I need to check
  19. I spoke too soon.
  20. Keep them on their toes. =
  21. I’m sorry for the mix up.
  22. Wait, don’t tell me.
  23. I’d be happy to help.
  24. You get what you pay for. = cheap price = bad quality product
  25. Right this way. = come with me, guiding
  26. I can’t keep up. = too much work, falling behind
  27. Put yourself in my shoes. = imagine it from my point of view
  28. I have too much time on my hands. = too much free time
  29. I have a lot on my plate. = a lot of work
  30. Give me a break. = stop being so rigid, make an exception for me, or you can’t be serious
  31. Stop being so hard on yourself. = stop judging yourself so harshly
  32. How’s work going? = like how’s it going but for work
  33. Have you heard the good news?
  34. Push back the appointment. = postpone
  35. I don’t want to hear it. = don’t want to hear excuses
  36. I’m losing it. = I’m going crazy
  37. I’ve lost my touch. = I’m not as good at this as I was before
  38. I haven’t kept in touch with them.
  39. Stay in touch. = keep talking to me
  40. You look like a deer in headlights. = frozen with fear
  41. Can I take a message? = phone message
  42. They’re out of the office right now. = not here
  43. They’re not available at the moment. = busy
  44. Don’t push me.
  45. Don’t be so quick to judgment.
  46. I have a bad/good feeling about this.
  47. I can’t imagine.
  48. A little birdie told me.
  49. Make time for (something).
  50. Let me see if I can move some things around.
  51. Look out!
  52. Think fast!
  53. Loosen up.
  54. Put (something) on hold
  55. You can’t be serious.
  56. Go ahead
  57. It’s no big deal.
  58. Will do.
  59. Don’t put me on the spot.
  60. Watch where you’re going.
  61. What can I do for you?
  62. What are you gonna do?
  63. It’s out of my hands.
  64. Hands off!
  65. Hang tight.
  66. Hurry up!
  67. Keep my head above water.
  68. Get out of your comfort zone.
  69. I can’t get that song out of my head.
  70. I can’t put a face to the name.
  71. I have some money burning a hole in my pocket.
  72. You’re playing both sides.
  73. We need to talk.
  74. You’re killing the mood.
  75. You went too far. = said or did something that was in really bad taste – You crossed the line. – same
  76. I’m flattered. = you said something nice to me and I feel good about it
  77. I’m feeling under the weather.
  78. You win some, you lose some.
  79. Please have a seat.
  80. Living beyond your means.
  81. Please excuse us.
  82. You’re all over the place.
  83. I have no idea.
  84. I think there must be some kind of mistake.
  85. Don’t play dumb with me.
  86. I have faith in you.
  87. Get your head in the game. about the task at hand (from sports but applies to anything)
  88. Living the dream. = doing exactly what you want and loving it, often used sarcastically when you’re not happy with what you’re doing
  89. You pulled a fast one on me. = you tricked me
  90. I want nothing to do with it. = I don’t want to be involved
  91. I’m washing my hands of this whole situation. I’m removing myself from being involved
  92. It’s up to you. = it’s your decision
  93. He wouldn’t hurt a fly. = this person is harmless
  94. We’re short on time. = limited time to do something
  95. I think I’ll pass. = polite way to say no
  96. So glad you could make it.



list of phrases: in the video above

Phrases in this video (print them our and practice!):

  1. How is it going?
  2. Long time no see!
  3. What have you been up to?
  4. Can’t complain
  5. How do you know?
  6. That’s a good one = That’s a good joke!
  7. It’s very kind of you!
  8. Thank you anyway
  9. Thank you in advance!
  10. No worries
  11. What’s going on?
  12. Did I get you right?
  13. Don’t take it to heart
  14. I didn’t catch the last word
  15. Sorry, I wasn’t listening
  16. It doesn’t matter
  17. Fingers crossed!
  18. Oh, that. That explains it.
  19. Things happen
  20. Sorry to bother you
  21. I’ll be with you in a minute
  22. Where were we?
  23. I’m sorry, I didn’t catch you
  24. Lucky you!
  25. I freaked out = to become very angry, scared or excited
  26. Good for you!
  27. You’ve got to be kidding me!
  28. Cheer up!
  29. Come on, you can do it!
  30. Keep up the good work!
  31. It’s not the end of the world
  32. That’s lit! = That’s amazing!
  33. There you go!
  34. 44. Not a bit!
  35. There is no room for doubt
  36. I’ll text you!
  37. It’s not worth it!
  38. You rock!
  39. You should go the extra mile…
  40. Step up your game = Start performing better
  41. Pull yourself together = Calm down and behave normally
  42. You sold me! = You convinced me on something
  43. Couldn’t care less = used to express total lack of interest in something
  44. This is a no-brainer = Easy decision
  45. You screwed up
  46. You are driving me nuts!
  47. Can you cover me? = Can you work in my place?
  48. I’d better be going
  49. Thank heavens it’s Friday
  50. Take care!


It feels like I am coming down with something

ऐसा लगता है कि मै बीमार पड़ने वाला हूँ

Replacement of “I think” or शायद

I guess

It looks like


I’d say (I would say) [मेरे अनुसार- I’d say it is nine o clock]

If I had to take a guess, I’ d say Mumbai Indians would will Win the IPL

If I had to take a guess, I’ d say It is around a Lac.

If I had to take a guess, I’ d say We would break all the sales record.

Maybe, he wants to quit his job

Maybe, she is upset about what happened last night

Chances are, you are doing it wrong

It’s difficult to say but I think this is best institute

It’s difficult to say but I think this party will win the 2019 elections

I’m not really sure but I think this is the last train


Thinking of the situation and PRACTICE of SPEAKING in English is ONLY MISSING COMPONET …. ONE HOUR DAILY


and then : Observe the objects around and imagine/create a situation around… and then speak

Mostly about mani’s activity: Imagine, speak and record …. And then do the self assessment.

Download the important discourse of sadguru and your media personalities and store them in yoir mobile.

Use some standard channels, consistently: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCicjynhfFw2LiIQFnoS1JTw



myGate – Smarter Security, Greater Conveniencea



Saharanpur के Gupta Brothers, जिन्होंने अपनी जेब में पूरे South Africa को रख लिया


Does Blogging Make Money- Blogging as A Career and Starting a Blog for Free

starting a blog free          299         51           34           Great    97

starting a blog for free   299         51           85           Great    94

Does blogging make money —- 152         26           62           Great    97

how do blogs make money—- 203           35           116         Great    93


start a blog free               4137       704         132         Great    90

how to start a blog for free and make money with           160         28           0              Great    92

how to start a blog for free and make money                   160         28           91           Great    91

start a blog free to make money                                            160         28           0              Great    9

how to start a blog free to make money                              <10        <10         0              Great    84

how to start a blog free and make money                            160       28           20           Great    92

start a blog for free and make money                                 160         28           134         Great    90

(Reaserach : use …. Blog fro free OR blog free version ….. Not yet clear )


In my case I have tried tweaking my file Zilla in a number of ways according to the suggestions of different videos… nut none worked….

Current Setting of my File Zilla only works CONSIDER publishing a post over that


Best way to get FTP password …

Each time you login through your bluehost panel and then change a password each time …use pass genrrator… another way is to keep saved the FTP passwords in haed copy someheere


Infop101 ftp                                      password




Check the adapter/ wifi setting >>> Check proxy setting >> uncheck proxy >> check automatic detect the connection


ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS                               issue

Many ways to fix the issue, however mine could not be fixed with respect to “https://infopreneurship101.com/wp-admin/” mainly because I had modified the usual Login URL …./wp-admin by using some plugin

Deleting cookies cache & history


Removing proxy

Desabling  window firewall (this is certainly not the local issue hence did not check

Adapter setting/ LAN setting to automatic detect the connection


Possible solution:



No …

Actually, the solution was in the mix of many videos … First I deactivated all plugins, after deactivating the plugins by renaming plugin folder except the Login URL I was able to access all URLs of the website (This was possible because, update of login hide Plugin URL was failed while updating the same from inside and it had corrupted the .htaccess file to … So this .htaccess too was to be changed). AS a next course of action I changed the name of existing .htaccess in a way I deleted.byepassed the corrupted .htaccess and went on creating one ONE.

Because my problem was unique, no specific video was alone handy for me.

Now as I could access my WP admin panel I refreshed the permalink from there to create new .htaccess file  … and lo, as I refreshed the permalink from inside the WP admin panel … I checked through FTP interface and I saw a brand new .htaccess file was seen having been created.

 (after getting access through through WP admin panel I checked the Plugins and there was ::: whole list of informations at least 15 all saying plugin was deleted, file doesnot exist … I tried installing classic editor … but couldn’t … saying the directory doesnot exist … and rightly because plugin directory was basically changed by me as good as deleted)

 It meant…. Because of malfunctioning in the update of plugin…. my .htaccess too got corrupt.

 Again because by renaming the plugin folder, I had literally deleted the plugins itself… I created a plugin folder and started installing with a new one :  viz. classic editor…

 Then again instead creating a brand new folder by name PLUGINS, I reverted back to the original name of the plugins folder. As a presumption this action was not supposed to create same problem as the plugins had to be activated and I had an option to drop the activation of malfunctioned PLUGINS.

 So no I changed my mind and … I thought again remaming the “the renamed plugin folder back to plugin”

 I re-remaned and everything looked fine … I first installed and activated classic editor… and then updated WP newest version

 .. Now I have to Decide how would I activate “WP Hide & Security Enhancer ” PLUGIN…..

I simply updated the plugin in UNINSTALLED positions and afterwards I activated.. and lo .. it started working…  as soon as as I activated… I was  logged out of the panel and then the modified URL’s automatically came up in Adresss bar  … maybe upon activation the Rewrites earlier also got restored.   … I was then easily able to login with my modified URLs


Message from inside WP hide setting:::

Copy the following link to a safe place. You can use later to reset all plugin options, if something go wrong. https://infopreneurship101.com?wph-recovery=8a2f9eb291421d7d33cd0402b4f9425c

Same message for Admin URL change

Copy the following link to a safe place. You can use later to reset all plugin options, if something go wrong. https://infopreneurship101.com?wph-recovery=8a2f9eb291421d7d33cd0402b4f9425c

 I though found that there was admin URL change gear was already checked out… I tried again   save the changing and checked later the .htaccess memory and there was no change.


The WP hide security plugin can hide all the internal paths of files inside WordPress and can make the the detection of plugins, themes etc. unaccessible  . check this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nc1E1JlWSGA

 Note existing WP last modified may be done away with ..only 500 installations other good options like https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-last-modified-info are there to be tested out


DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN                       Error /problem

I had encountered this problem while I was trying to update the PLUGINs inside the infopreneurship101.com

And the site became unreachable: with this message  DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN

I made use of trikcks like changing .htaccess file and plugins folder name as suggested inside https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Ugh_ynhIfI   changing the plugins name worked basically it changes the path suitable for working the plugins in sync with wordpress and it becomes as goods as plugins deactivated.

I knew which plaugins were creating the p[roblem as while causing update to them there was update problem so could go the soecif c plugin and deactivate that plugin but I was unanble to reach the wordpress panel

( My god … I could reach out that specific plugin as I was sure about the names of plugins) FTP also …inside the plugin folder, but any way I chose deactivating all changing the folder name of plugins

Unfortunately: the video very specific on  …. _NXDOMAIN




Didn’t solve my problem


File type of .htaccess / .htaccess file type, creating one and uploading to  your server

.htacces is itself a separate file extension/file with understood full name of http access https://fileinfo.com/extension/htaccess

so when you want to upload an htaccess file to server, you can create first the files in text as .htaccess.txt trough text editor but after you upload the same file in order to make it fully functional, you need to edit the name of file on live server to .htaccess  only . See here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=un-LFCxKai4


Fixing 500 error (internal server) in Chrome OR white death showing nothing in Mozilla



How to Fix the 500 Internal Server Error on WordPress


Where can a download go? It it is not existing under DOWNLOADS folder???

I was downloading the plugin folder of infopreneurship101 from the interface of FILEZILLA, sadly after transfer / recursive file transfer looked completed, the files were not under usual DOWNLOADS folder.  The transfer showed in the local server with details like:  C:\user\rahul\plugins\index.php    so accordingly I clicked reach into the subject file and it was there

It looks cuelink is loosing its sheen

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https://youtu.be/uRlR9BmCqpg      Jayant soni’s site: https://www.coupondunias.com/  is using coupon feature extensively…

Also read https://www.cuelinks.com/blog/latest-features-cuelinks-make-affiliate-marketing-easier/

Latest Features of Cuelinks That Make Affiliate Marketing Easier

Couponsdunias.com using clipper theme and Cuelink both for showing up coupons.

CHECK how does CLIPPER work ??????


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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ue0f6VHRiFE 10 minute Power Yodga

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVc_EN0lbwo  12 Step Surya namaskar STEP Expa,ined

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETURjCbIAoA  WAIST LOSE YOGA/EXERCISE

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1KSV2MIDlM  5 Essential asanas


Searching the keyword Askew skews the Google search page by about 20 degrees towards the right side. The significance of this function continues to be unknown. In case you know the importance of this then do let me know in the comments section.

Not giving time to the family is the biggest common regret while dying

“People regret that they had been too busy making money instead of spending quality time with the family members. So one should just enjoy whatever fate he/ she has been granted by God.”




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Dan Larimer’s Ventures

1.EOS – Universal Infrastructure

  1. bitShares — Exchange
  2. Steem / Steem.com (steem blockchain is steem.com )

Upon steem.com works 5 applications:

  1. Steemit- Social blogging platform
  2. eSteem- Steem-based mobile app
  3. DTube- Decentralized video platform
  4. Utopian- Funding open source projects
  5. Steem Monsters- Digital collectible trading card game

(Writing on steemit.com has the benefit of your feeling like its your own SITE/property and second you don’t have to worry about the BANDWIDTH, GB, site speed and SIZE of image that you can upload  etc… Option to consider … SEE the post :    https://steemit.com/india/@mehta/indian-wedding-stage-colorchallenge-friday-sky-blue  has only pictures and has still earned $117 till last update.  See this post which only uses a scanned news clip : https://steemit.com/india/@mehta/kdysv  still has made some $80 till last update after 28 days of its publication )

STEEMIT.COM receives around 282,307 unique visitors per day and 2,258,456 daily page views which may earn a revenue of $2,258.46/day


7 social media startups powered by blockchain



New password Amazon: mahendra account



How to fix the site Can’t be reached issue frequently happening  OR even when some sites render to crumbled pictures for example experience with BLUHOST in recent past

netsh winsock reset catalog

netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log



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Awesome result! Good on you. I love how taking consistent action over an extended period of time just seems to create COMPOUNDING results. Good stuff. Thank you for sharing your success. It is inspiring.


a Process too, can have INTEGRITY or otherwise

(like you wrote to society a year back on the INTEGRITY of its functioning)

The letter states that the independence, fairness, impartiality of the ECI, which has had a long and honourable record of holding free and fair elections despite the enormous challenges of scale and complexity, are perceived to be compromised today, thereby endangering the integrity of the electoral process which is the foundation of Indian democracy.



SArkariNaukridaily.in  earlier sarkarinaukrisarch.com

Has a youtube channel too. EduwiseGuru


its good idea to start from posting Vaccancies and expand to VIDEO CHANNELS


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School management app

by Amit Modi : Intslate  www.instlate.com

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https://skoolapp.com/  (New but looks futuristic )


News sites by Local people are mushrooming

https://thearticle.in/   AND https://Desigoogly.com/


Sr. No Travel site Alexa Rank Visitor /day Pageviews/day
1 MMT 1,009 / 59 (World/India) 425,000 3,400,000
2. Skyscanner 6,030 /1,664 (world/US) 71,115 568,920
3. Trivago 7,792/ 3,295  (world /US) 55,000 4,40,000
4. Trip Adviser 254/81 (world /US) 1,688,287 13,506,296
5. Expedia.com 634 / 151 (world /US) 676,380 5,411,040


Except 1 all have countrywise individual websites.

Has .in / .gr ….. so many versions all  with separate statistics… In fact, not smaller than MMT



Taj Hotel, APOLLO BUNDER  for one day: 06.05.2019 to 07.05.2019 on being booked on 31.03.2019 for one person charges Rs 10,000/ while for 05.04.2019 to 06.04.2019 charges 52,000/ (*******DIFFERENCE ) ACTUAL Charges are more: 18% GST makes it really costly  around Rs 20,000/-


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sckyscanner: https://www.diigo.com/item/image/6kshz/6wq8?size=o Rs 4344/

IRCTC: https://www.diigo.com/item/image/6kshz/ov7u  Rs 4551/-

(Worst part is that IRCTC is frustratingly slow and it wasted my 2 hours )

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See this Article by GOOGLE on how the Snippet are extracted from inside the web pages


As I have seen snippets mostly in my site case are the list of H2/H3 used inside the web page… you can use one more idea of feeding the idea of feeding the KW “ people also ask  ” and  hyperlinking the check it out here (to retain the internal juice power), you can create individual pages and link back them to main page

See in my case:

People also ask

Which is the best Attar in the world?

What is Attar called in English?

What is Oud Attar?

Does Attar contain alcohol?


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If something runs out, it becomes used up so that there is no more left.

If you run out of something, you have no more of it left.

 Run short.

Use something up so that a supply runs out or becomes insufficient, as in We ran short of envelopes, or The organization is running short of money.

https://brainly.in/question/7016046   One of the answers at BRAINLY gets STARS and the star review is seen on GOOGLE SEARCH… You too can think of certain pages with answers and allowing people to RATE,

Apart from the educational articles you can think of writing though provoking answers BRAINY answers on your site AnUNIVERSI


VIDEO फ्रॉम tTED TALK to Listen


How to Talk Like a Native Speaker | Marc Green | TEDxHeidelberg



I will wear no pagadi for..

Skill is what will only be criteria to keep you going 2004 decision, whatsApp message to initiate action …  except Law & Order everything will be computerised.

Why there is only few unemployed in USA

To my understanding the STUDENTS who are funding their studies themselves with little or no support from family are doing well. Fully funded education I have seen causing two harms: breaking the financial backbone of Bread Earner & Parlysing the future of Student itself in case of no job


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Learning a language? Speak it like you’re playing a video game | Marianna Pascal | TEDxPenangRoad


(ONLY problem is that learners have an image of SOME KIND of speaking so called “REAL EANGLISH” and then self consciousness of being judged


Difference between

AMD vs Celeron

Celeron is better reason being it comes from INTEL

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SPEAKING involves Many YOU and Others … Hence training your own brain and tongue Years is must



 UPPSC Topper Apoorva Yadav, Deputy Collector (13th rank) : Mock Interview



How to develop your Communication Skills by International Keynote Speaker Simerjeet Singh

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Aroma chemicals are aromas synthesized in chemical laboratory. Today big number of perfumes on the market make use of aroma chemicals. Whereas only a small number of bespoke perfumes, use only natural ingredients. 

Use of Aroma Chemicals however is not only to offer you perfumes at competitive prices. In fact, Aroma chemical throw up a very wide spectrum for smells as opposed to natural ingredients available easily. With synthesizing of aroma chemicals, it is possible to make perfume of almost any smell. Aroma chemicals, further let to experiment various combinations of tweaking in the fragrances using with natural ingredients.

Perfumers blend aroma chemicals in certain ratio to create a perfume formula. Usually, a perfume formula has 6 up to 60+ aroma chemicals in the formula. You must not wonder that aroma chemicals can be used for formulating smells of baked goods, drinks, candy, alcohol, etc. First Aroma chemical used was aldehydes. But as on date there are thousands of aroma chemicals available for making the perfume formula unique. Individually, aroma chemicals are bits and pieces of a fragrance, that make up unique perfumes and flavours.

Even best attar names and to Fragrances today cannot go about without using Aroma chemicals by certain percentage.


How to Make a Perfume from Resins for example Amber Resin

Many Jewellery beads use Copal Resins. Copal Resin too have essences that belong to Amber family of fragrances. You can use these beads to start with.

  1. Chop the solid resin piece and place them into a glass bottle with ethyl alcohol in it. The solid amber resin usually would dissolve in the alcohol to create a deep amber-brown solution. When the Resin is fully dissolved, the colour gets darker with passage of time. If you continue stirring the Resin solution becomes sticky and smelly.
  2. Create a blend using few drops of essential oil. Sandalwood, Rose oils Vanilla etc. with Amber create good blend, but you can decide yours. You can experiment the making blends with different essential oils in different ratio and can get to discover your own signature blend.
  3. Keep stirring the blend of essential oils and Resin solution to make it homogenous mixture. Let the solution to stay stable for few days in cool place and you will see having the oil and solids separated by layers. The oil absorbs the essences of the amber resin apart from losing some properties of its own.
  4. You can use plastic Squeeze the oils layer floating over the solid layer. The oils layer is the amber perfume having essences of amber.

Although, complicated processes can be adopted to make things faster but this is how typically an amber fragrance can be crafted.

On similar lines, you can liquidize frankincense resin by mixing with perfumer’s alcohol, or a cosmetic grade di-propylene glycol. Following the similar methodology, you can have another amber fragrance (All resinous fragrances are amber perfumes only) in your hand.

Amber and Ambergris are Two Different Notes- Two Different Fragrance Families

Let me be very clear that both these notes (fragrance family) are not made of Real Amber & Real Ambergris respectively.

Actually, Amber notes are formed of similar smelling resins and sometimes, emulated by synthetic chemicals of typical smell. And not to wonder, Ambergris notes are almost completely replaced by the synthetic molecule ambreina.

In discussions people often mistake understanding Amber, which is one of the most important fragrance families. Confusions get worse when the terms Amber and Ambergris make their ways in.

The real Amber is hardened and fossilized resin of certain pine trees such as the Pinus succinifera. They are either collected from sea shores or fished off the waters, or mined by open – pit mining.

Similarly, the real Ambergris is an animal source which is excreted by certain species of Sperm Whale viz. Physeter catodon.

Amber is a fantasy note in fragrances and in perfumery all sweet resinous fragrances are amber note. The fragrance family is basically inspired by the Amber resin’s golden colour and brilliance.

Ambergris is characterized by a pheromone note in fragrances and has traditionally been used in Ayurveda and Unani medicine similar to other in pheromone fragrance family, such as musk deer civet and castoreum. Pheromones are naturally occurring chemicals which send out subconscious scent signals to the opposite sex that trigger powerful sexual responses.

Obviously, Amber & Ambergris are two entirely different notes and with respect to their compositions and results. One similarity though is that both are family of fragrances, subjective scent (Accord) and not individual essences.

Gemstone dictionary puts Amber as: “Natural ambers are very old from hundreds to millions of years. Inclusions like frog, butterflies, lizards, spiders, ants, mosquitoes and other insect species inside amber decides its worth.

Yellowish-brown or honey color is the best known color for amber which are fished or mined along the coasts of Baltic Sea, these are popularly known as Baltic amber.

Copal resin (kauri gum) has similar appearance (simulant) that of an amber stone which is generally confused with natural amber and mistakenly used in jewellery.

Of course, the modern perfumery cannot afford to use Real amber resins but the Amber fragrance family makes use of labdanum, vanilla and benzoin resins which adds similar sweetness and warmth to fragrances. And they are mostly oriental, chypre and fougere’ family of fragrances. Other sweet resins available that you could count in for Amber Note fragrances are Tonka Peru Balsam Tolu Balsam Labdanum and cistus for example. You could add subtle notes of Almond, tobacco, vanilla etc with them for instance.

Physically, Ambergris is a grey to black, flammable substance and its production occurs in the gut of the sperm whale. It is believed to be a secretion in response to the constant irritation caused by the sharp beaks of squids and cuttlefish and their indigestible parts. Also, it perhaps is produced as a measure of protection against the damage caused by them. The secretion gets solidified and is excreted periodically. The Ambergris are rarely seen floating in sea water. Ambergris are very pricey for their rare occurrence and they have found medicinal, aphrodisiac and fragrant usage in olden times.

Since, natural ambergris are rare, they are very expensive. Therefore, current perfumery uses synthetic substitutes of Ambergris.

Although impossible to synthesize the naturally occurring Ambergris in the labs, major components have been identified. These are triterpene alcohol ambrein, epicoprostanol/coprostanone and ambrox/ambroxane. Ambrein is a principal active ingredient of ambergris and smells sweet with hints of caramel and tobacco. It is used in combination with musks, animalic notes and woods. On the other hand, ambrox or ambroxan is a sweet, woody and musky note. Salt is another aspect in fragrances with respect to ambergris, which captures the bright and fresh feel of the sea.

Few of perfumes of ambergris family featuring sweet, animalistic and salty facets of ambergris are here:

  • Ambre Russe, Classique, Quel Amour having Ambrien
  • D&G Light Blue, Calypso, Portrait of a lady having Ambroxan
  • Eau des Merveilles, Muscs Kublai Khan featuring Salty aspect

Differences of Labdanum vs Cistus and Why Should You Know

Labdanum and Cistus both come from different parts of same plant namely, Rock Rose through two different extraction processes. The Latin name of the Rock Rose plant from which they are derived is Cistus Ladanifer (Wikipedia). It is a native plant of western Mediterranean region.

Although, web space uses cistus and labdanum interchangeably but there are marked differences. Cistus is the steam distilled essence from the leaves and tops of Cistus ladanifer whereas, Labdanum is the solvent extract of the oleoresin of Cistus ladanifer. Obviously, they have physically & chemically different products.

Labdanum is the resin, whereas Cistus is the Essential Oil from the leaves from Rock rose. Labdanum, refers to the absolute, while Cistus refers to the oil.

Labdenum is somewhat of a sticky clear brownish substance with a sweet, resinous, balsamic scent. On contrary, Cistus is an essential oil having clear and pale-yellow appearance.

Smell of Labdanum stays for a very long time on a scent strip, so it is best for a base note. On the other hand, Cistus is diffusive and vibrant with a strong scent of woody/green mixed with apocrine sweat gland secretions. Accordingly, the cistus is best suit for deep heart note/early base note.


What is Amber :::::::::::::::::::::::::

Amber is fossilized tree resin, that took thousands of years to coming into present form. They are found within the rocks of cretaceous age. Amber can be mined or picked from sea shore once they are torn from sea floor rocks and cast up by waves. The ambers resins are believed to be secreted from pine genus trees. Like any other resin, they are originally, sticky liquid. So, insects or small creatures might get trapped inside. Eventually the sticky viscous mass gets hardened eventually and develops as a gemstone that can be soluble within alcohol or like solvents. Amber mined from coal seams are known as ambrite and resinite.

 Amber occurs in various different colours as well as the usual yellow-orange-brown that is associated with the colour “amber”. Their appearance can range from a whitish colour through a pale lemon yellow, to brown and almost black. Other uncommon colours might include red amber (sometimes known as “cherry amber”), green amber, and even blue amber, which is rare and highly sought after as per Wikipedia.

In modern times, Amber has been imitated by other resins like copal and kauri gum sometimes also by celluloid and even glass.

Original Ambers are used as fixatives of high-end perfumes and fragrant jewellery.

Usually available, Amber resin is mostly a solid crystalline fragrance made from a combination of many resinoids and oleoresins (spice plant extracts) such as myrrh, gum frankincense, gum styrax, benzoin, labdanum and other aromatic compounds. These ingredients are sourced from the tropical sub-forests of India and Africa. They are crushed, mixed, carefully heated and cooled to form the crystalline amber. These Amber resins have usage as a solid perfume, Oil warmer incense, charcoal incense and Charm pendants.

The class of Oleoresins are extracted from spices such as basil, capsicum, cardamom, cinnamon bark, clove bud, fenugreek, fir balsam, ginger, labdanum, nutmeg, parsley, pepper (black/white), rosemary and turmeric etc.


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On Pulwama massacre by terrorist Attack



But back out was not an option

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“if he backs out of the deal, they’ll sue him”


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But I was not ready to back down

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Here are a few more hand-picked guides to read next:


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where (one) is coming from

One’s motivation or reason for doing something or holding some position or opinion. The phrase indicates that one understands the circumstances that led one to an action or opinion.

 Look, I understand where you’re coming from—and I kind of agree with you—but rules are rules, and I can’t let you do that. 

 If Gina would explain her situation a little better, I think they’d see where she’s coming from. 


Difference in tone between Regards, Best regards, Kind regards and Sincerely in emails [duplicate]

Best Answer 1

I’m from the UK and I personally use ‘Regards’ on its own, like you. Even to somebody I don’t know. That’s usually for the initial contact type of email, when I’m first raising a subject with somebody. Subsequent responses tend to become less formal, with either a simple ‘Thanks’ or no ending at all.

However, from your list above, I most often see ‘Kind Regards’ and in fact I received an email with this today. I’d suggest you could rank those in order of formality: Sincerely > Best Regards > Kind Regards.

I’ve pretty much never seen ‘Sincerely’ in an email though, as I think the medium is intrinsically less formal than other methods. In my opinion, there are ways to increase the formality slightly, such as by avoiding contractions for example.

Best Answer 2

“Best regards” is probably the most popular signoff for an email or letter.

“Kind regards” is usually a little more formal than “Best regards”. We would recommend to use “Kind regards” in a professional email or business letter where you feel comfortable with the person you are emailing or writing to, and it should not be used personal correspondence.

Best Answer 3

“kind regards” is a polite ending to a letter. When you give your regards it means you are thinking of them. Kind regards means you are thinking good thoughts.

This can be a nice ending for most personal letters.

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WordPress 5.0 Released – Don’t Upgrade Now – Gutenberg & How to go back to Old version of WordPress    OR using classic old editor with new WORDPRESS


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 Attar is Perfume Oil BUT natural

Attar is a perfume oil distilled from natural ingredients, flowers and so on and mixed with a fixative base of sandalwood oil or the likes.


(Referred to AGRARWOOD tree, OUD Resin or OUD Oil all Similarly Frankincense too can refer to as resin, resinoids or Oils )

It’s strong, it’s musky and almost animalistic in its sensuality. Some people love it while others find it offensive and gross. oud is one of the most expensive raw scent ingredients in the world.

Known as oud (or oudh), it comes from the wood of the Southeast Asian agar (aquilaria) tree. When the wood becomes infected with a particular type of mold, the tree reacts by producing a dark, scented resin, which is often called “liquid gold.”

“Oud” is used to refer to both the resin-saturated wood (the agarwood) as well as the oil distilled from it. One reason oud is so expensive is its rarity; by some estimates, fewer than 2% of wild agar trees produce it. Experts claim that the very best oud comes from the oldest trees, which are even more scarce.

It can sell for $5,000 a pound – or more.

The scent is an ancient one that has been used for thousands of years in the Middle East and Asia both at home and in religious ceremonies. The International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences states that agarwood, also known as the “Wood of the Gods,” is mentioned as early as the third century AD in ancient China.

Oud is used in wooden incense chips, body oils and fragrance, and is now becoming more popular in the West. According to the NPD Group, sales of oud perfumes are going strong within the prestige fragrance market, which is valued at $3 billion. A 2013 report stated that total oud sales were up by 68%.

 …………HOW OUD OIL is MADE………. 

The Agarwood is harvested in the jungles or plantations and brought to the distillers. Prior to distillation, some of the wood is separated and sold as chips for burning as incense. The remaining resinous wood is distilled into Oud oil or Agarwood oil. To facilitate extraction of the oil, the wood is soaked in water prior to the distillation process. Two distillation techniques are common. Forced steam distillation is used in Indonesia, while hydro-distillation is more common in Indian, Cambodia and Thailand. These methods leave their distinct mark on the Oud oil. Unlike perfumes or Attars such as Amber perfume, Arabian perfume, Arabic perfume, Islamic perfume or essential oils such as Jasmine oil, Frankincense oil, Arabian oil, Egyptian musk oil, our Oud oil is 100% pure Agarwood oil and is not blended with other oil perfumes. One should not be confused with products being sold as Arabian Oud since the Aquilaria tree does not grow in the Arabian Peninsula. All Oudh oil sold in the Arabic world is imported by wholesale perfume oil companies from Tropical Monsoon Asia.

 The Aquilaria Tree

This is where the process begins – with the Aquilaria tree, in the vicinity of the Assam region. These mature evergreen or agarwood trees need no artificial inoculation. From these mature trees we will get our agarwood chips and oud oil.

 The Agarwood Artisan

This artisan is meticulously sorting through the unprocessed distillery chips as he removes the unusable wood, leaving only the sinking-grade resinous agarwood for incense and for the distillation degs to become oud oil.

 Ready-to-be-Processed Oud Chips

These true craftsmen will soak the agarwood chips until they are ready to be put in the degs for distillation. This is a true art which will result in various essences of the pure oudh oil.

 The Distillation Process

After soaking, the distillery chips are transferred to the degs where the distillation will inevitably begin. As you can see, there are four degs pictured to carry out this important step in the process of making oud oil.

 The Final Step

After the completion of the distillation process the oud oil is kept in open sunlight to evaporate any excess moisture within the Oudh oil. This ancient ancestral method of distillation has been passed down from father to son for generations, producing true oud oil ‘legends’, indeed.



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Filtering messages in new INBOX GMAIL,


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10 Best Bvlgari Perfumes For Women – 2018 Update (With Reviews)

Ajmal Perfume Price List {11 Dec 2018} | Latest Ajmal Perfumes in IndiaI<<<

Attar Perfume: Buy Mens Attar Perfumes Online at Best Prices in India|<<<

Best Essential Oil Brands [REVIEWS]- Top & Best Essential Oils India 2019

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Attar Perfume: Buy Mens Attar Perfumes Online at Best Prices in India


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Best BVLGARI Men Perfume list of Top Smelling Perfumes Available for Best Prices

10+ Best BVLGARI Perfume for Men [Reviews]-Top Selling BVLGARI 2018


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CHECK best fragrance oils in India, best attar oils & other aroma oils with reliable resources available at best pricing. Best fragrance oils in India are basically represented by traditional Indian attars. In fact, traditional Indian attars are known for purity of essential oils they use to make attar. Fragrance oils can take many names such as attar oils, perfume oils etc. But, at the very core, they are all essential oils and originally come from plant & nature.

 How to Buy the Best Attar [Definitive Guide]-On Buying Best Attar For You


Increasing Ranking without LINK BUILDING

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This page contains a Perfume buying guide that has differences between three types with the help of diagrams and data:



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[Mixing with natural carrier oils like Coconut oil and Olive oil would produce a natural fragrance oil. By varying the amounts of essential oil and carrier oil you can get fragrance oils having desired intensity of aroma.]

[If you know the difference between fragrance oils and essential oils you would get larger clarity on that note. ]


Top 5 Fragrant Candle oils as Best Fragrance Oils in India Available at Best Pricing Online

1.  Lavender Aroma Oil Burner Set by Pure Source India

Basically, this Lavender Aroma Oil is among best candle fragrance oils in India but only comes with Burner set. The Ceramic aroma burner set comes in Regular Dark Blue Color with 10 ML Lavender Aroma Oil and 4 Tea Light Candle ( Oil Burner Set ). For best prices Check it out here!

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Top 5 Home Fresheners as Best Fragrance Oils in India Available at Best Pricing Online

 1. Pureefy by Breathefresh

Basically, this fragrance oil has wide use as Antibacterial Natural Air Purifier. One of the best fragrance oils in India, Pureefy is an Essential Oil Blend and comes with electric diffuser. Check it out for best Prices!

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…Making of Home Fragrance Oils…..

Like  CREATING  any attar or perfume you can pre plan the notes for your candle fragrance oils.Here is the basic outline of choosing notes roughly.

You can have fun creating them and have enriching experience experimenting with different kind of fragrance oils

(below text is for Candle fragrance making … use it specifically on the relevant page)

For optimum candle scent, using up to one ounce of fragrance oil per pound of wax or 6% of the candle’s weight is benchmark. Notably, adding more fragrance oil than this would not result in a better version of candle.

In fact, wax behaves like a sponge so, once you hit the saturation point, you can’t add any more fragrance oil. On adding more, the oil just seeps out of the candle like a sponge, overfilled with water. Over saturation doesn’t let the candle burn properly for pools of liquid within it. Moreover, overfilling causes safety concerns because the entire candle and not just the wick become flammable.

Top Notes – They are ephemeral, light, flashy scents that a fragrance opens up with. These scents hit your nose first, but evaporate very fast. For instance, citrus, mint, and bergamot are common top notes.

Middle Notes – These smells have lasting properties longer than top notes. For instance, Lavender, tea tree, and juniper make common middle notes.

Base Notes – These scents have most lasting and retaining properties of all three smells. Basically, they are fixative in nature and carrier forming the base of a fragrance. Patchouli, vanilla, and amber are all examples of base notes.




CHECK here what essential oils air freshners mean:


It is different from essential oils for AirFreshener

Also Check Air freshener Recipe : https://ohlardy.com/10-homemade-air-freshener-recipes/

GREAT Difference EXPLAINED between ESSENTIAL OILS & Fragrance Oils::: https://www.treasuredlocks.com/fragrance-oils-versus-essential-oils/

H3 Top 5 Home freshners …. (Lets Delete.. in fact aspects are covered above)

Better you enlist: best candle fragrance oils & best Essential Oils Air Freshener under Home fragrance oils

essential oils air freshener 136 24 50 Great 98


essential oil air freshener 107 19 113 Great 96
essential oil air fresheners 120 21 87 Great 97
best essential oils air freshener 120 21 5 Great 96

Then Make a separate H3 for

BEST Hair care fragrance oils

Elaborate just for scenting the hais, hair fall, protein, growth etc

Then Again Separate H3 for therapeutics uses


See, we are optimizing “best attar in India” page for

best attar in India

Best attar perfume in India

Best attar fragrance in India

AND “best fragrance oils in India” page for

Best fragrance oils in India

Best attar fragrance oils in India

Best attar oils in India

Best Perfume oils in India


Making Best Fragrance Oils in India Has Come Of the Age

Basically, fragrance making in India has been integral to culture of ancient India its heritage. On that note, production of fragrance oils, attar fragrances, perfumes and flavors is an idea innate to India. However, despite India’s early access to fragrance making, it has fared poorly on marketing counts. Meaning, branding has not been given its due best across geographies.

However, with seamless transfer of information world across, things are changing. Accordingly, makers of Indian fragrance oils have marched forward to keep pace with rest of world.

Currently, many sellers of best fragrance oils are expanding into international markets. Basically, this has become possible on account of two reasons:

Firstly, they are adhering to the International Standards in quality control & consistent manufacturing. Secondly, Indian manufacturers too have taken big stride on packaging & marketing.  Although, a long way to go, makers of some best fragrance oils in India are doing commendable job.

Mega list of best attar in India and the guide to buy best attar together, can get you best fragrance oils in India.

Which Are The Best Fragrance Oils in India?

Essentially, uncovering this is our primary concern over and above everything else.

Normally, to figure best Indian fragrance oils and have them for best prices, you require diligence. This, might include your scanning through multiple shopping sites or visit outdoors.

However, we have put in some best efforts to get you best Indian fragrance oils. Most importantly, Indian makers are the best place to get you best fragrance oils. You can find them under many categories. Viz. bestselling attar brands in India, best attar brands in India & best attar online in India and the likes. There is no reason why should you skip the indigenous makers for getting best fragrance oils in India.

Additionally, we have a guide in place to help you ascertain best fragrance oils for you. You may consider checking  Guide to the buy the Best Attars.

Moreover, we put in lot of our productive hours into curation and research to come up with a mega list. This mega list of best attar in India features individual review of attars. And places in some of the best fragrance oils in India. Although, the making of this list took a lot of time & energy at our end it was all worth considering the value it offers to you.

Fragrance Oils in India Roots Pre-historic

Not to surprise, techniques of hydro distillation roots back in 5000 BC Indus civilization. This method is still in extensive use for extraction of Aroma oils. Further, these aroma oils form main ingredients for making fragrances, Attars, perfumes and other toiletry products.

Historically, Kannauj has been very much central to making of some best fragrance oils in India. In addition to Agra, Kannauj was also centre of attar making in Mughal regimes in India.This small city in Uttar Pradesh is acknowledged as the Attar Capital of India. In fact, Kannauj is manufacturer and supplier of Indian fragrance oils across India and outside.

Basically, Kannauj is specialized in production of six fragrance oils. To name, Rose, Henna, Shamama, Bella, Mogra and Mitti Attar (Soil fragrance or Petrichor) are a few. On top, Deg & Bhapka used in Kannauj for fragrance oil production resemble with equipment retrieved from Indus civilization sites. Kannauj is reliable example to establish that India has been home to making of the best fragrance oils.

Additionally, Brihat Samhita, Gandhyukti and Ayurveda have mentions of fragrances and perfume making in India. Thus, making of fragrance oils in India has been integral to pre-historic, ancient and medieval civilization of India.

Mega list of best attar online in India is useful resource for Indian fragrance oils. The list aims to get you best fragrance oils in India.

Best Fragrance Oils in India and Larger View

Best of fragrance oils and aroma have been part of ancient India and has found mentions in age old references. Gandhyukti, brihatsamhita and Ayurveda are there to name a few. In fact, India had at a very early stage of ciivilization access to fragrances making and their use cases.

Factually, there is bigger world of aroma oils beyond the apparent Attars and fragrances. Aroma oils & Essential oils have been part of life since the inception of organised civilization.

At the core, fragrance oils have been useful for humanity since ages. Best of fragrance oils have been prized possession of humanity since time immemorial. Clinically, best attar oils have properties of spirit uplifting and healing. With proven records, attar oils are mood changer, perception changer, soother and overall performance enhancer. Best attar oils from 10 bestselling attar oils are much about them. Mega list of bestselling attars in India too comes very resourceful.

Basics of Fragrance Oils aka Attars oils

Ideally, Attar, atar, ottar, ittar, perfumes, colognes etc. are the different names to fragrances only. Only, varying concentrations of attar oils in them makes all the difference. You can check the big list of best attar brands in India to get more clarity over the matter.

Basically, Attar/Ottar/Ittar are pure fragrances with least or no adulteration of alcohols and chemicals. Sometimes, Attars would also be termed as attar oils, fragrance oils, or perfume oils. Simply, because these oils enable you to add desirable smells into anything from eatables to colognes. Purest of all attars would be an essential oil directly from plants, having likeable smell.

Natural source of all aroma is essential oils present in plants and nature. So, the best attar oils will partially or predominantly be having essential oils in it.  Practically, extraction of essential oil involves complicated procedures so, using essential oils makes the attar costliest at their purest. In the era of competitive marketing, you should exercise cautions in buying the best attar oils.

Precisely, the Attars/Ittars/Ottars are a blend of more than three essences or aroma oils. The evaporation of these different oils/aroma are slower or faster. Thus, on applying an Attar you are supposed to perceive at least different fragrances with passage of time. De facto, these different fragrances at three stages of time are called the Notes of Attars. Therefore, world over attars are identifiable based on their notes.

Fragrance Oils aka Attar Oils at Their Vastness

In real terms, world of fragrances is vast and has evolved through ages. Since, fragrance industry has evolved this far, shortlisting like 10 bestselling attar oils has become possible. Today, many consumer industry make use of fragrance oils as essential ingredients.

Essentially, fragrance oils have spirit uplifting and healing properties to extent of curing incurables. Because of, therapeutic properties of aroma oils, a new stream of therapy has evolved. And, the world widely acknowledges it as Aromatherapy.

For the most part, fragrance oils are combinations of essential oils and certain natural extracts All these essences come with healing properties. Hence, Ayurveda and Naturopathy count on the medicinal values of best fragrance oils.

Medicinal usage apart, they find use on special occasions.  Honestly, family occasions, festivals, celebrations and meditations are incomplete without best fragrance oils. Also, prayers, rituals etc. which require pure & upbeat atmosphere are best use cases. Although, we are not into hyping things but best fragrance oils certainly deserves some praises.

The mega list of bestselling attars in India should help you get best fragrance oils in India. Equally, the guide to buy the best attar would help in deciding best Indian fragrance oils for you.


Getting Best Attar Oils for Best Prices

Yes, list of best attar oils in India offers some best prices across marketplace. And, you can more of  these best attar brands in India only at the click of buttons. Moreover, You can save this link to get best attar oils for best prices anytime.

In usual course, getting best attar oils for the best prices, involves certain diligence. This could require you to scan through multiple shopping and review sites. So, getting best attar oils in India for best prices could be a time-consuming affair. In fact, listing of  best attar brands  had involved a real pain in ass.

However, considering your concerns our software made getting best attar oils for best prices super easy. Thanks, to the process that uses an algorithm with no manual interventions. The process involves statistics of top selling and maximum discount available in real time situation,  Accordingly, best attar oils in India are not only bestselling attar brands but also available for best prices.


Are Best Attar Oils Pure Fragrance Oils in India

The best Attar oils are best of the fragrance oils for all practical purposes. However attar oils are only a small part of entire fragrance oils world.  Additionally, attar oils have to be essentially natural by its basic premises. So, looking for best attar oils would mean looking for natural fragrance oils.

Supposedly, Attars have the purest fragrance oils sourced from the Nature. And the mankind has been using them since ages. Pioneers of fragrance making in India accord utmost value to purity of making attars. So, they are some of the best fragrance oils in India available.

Unlike past, there are several resources today that could help you figuring the best. However, flip side is that you could be left confused, amid varied opinions from there. And, this is where flitmart came up with a handy resource to figure you best attar oils in India.

Although, attar oils are purest of fragrances, the market is infested with adulteration. So,  exercising caution is always advisable. Additionally, attars and attar oils may not always be the same because oil versions are most concentrated undiluted fragrances.  List of  best attar brands in India, has a some great collection of  best attar oils in India. However, if need be checking entire range of best attar oils in India just CHECK them OUT here !


Best Fragrance Oils in India are Chiefly Attar Oils

Fragrance Oils can take many forms of usability: attar, perfume, home freshener, fragrant candle and so on. Attar and perfumes are prominent ones.

Since, many of the best attar brands in India make use of pure essential oils, checking with them is only apt to get best fragrance oils in India. Similarly, many of the bestselling attars in India can be counted on for the sake. Moreover, you can also check with best attar online in India to have best fragrance oils around.

Personally, I am a quality driven person and rarely go after sexy packaging of exotic brands. If, that’s the case with you, having a look of best attar brands in India  is simply the way forward. So, let’s figure the best fragrance oils in India with bestselling attar brands in India. A shortcut, would be to check with my own picks of best selling Indian attars below.


Mainly, fragrance oils are available as attar oils, perfume oils, candle fragrance oils, home fragrance oils & hair care fragrance oils etc.  Extensively, they find usage as edible grade pure oils, therapeutics oils and fragrant essences in many consumer industries. In all, basic objective of theirs is to offer aroma, fragrance or flavour you love and healing you need most.

standalone essential oils OR blend of multiple essential oils OR blend of essential oils, aroma extracts & absolutes. Meaning, attars too have to be pure essential oils, but demand of variety of aroma additional ingredients becomes a necessity.

However, today’s fragrance oils can either be partially essential oils OR a mix of many synthetics also.

Accordingly, best fragrance oils in India are available as standalone essential oils OR blend of multiple essential oils OR blend of essential oils, aroma extracts & absolutes. Meaning, attars too have to be pure essential oils, but demand of variety of aroma additional ingredients becomes a necessity.

Unsurprisingly, many experts rate Indian attars to be best fragrance oils in the market place. The reason they cite is, best attar brands in India use more of natural essential oils and less of synthetics. Thus, many of the bestselling attars in India are in reality, best fragrance oils in India. You too, can check various resources to firm your opinion on these lines. Though, knowing the differences between fragrance oils and essential oils first, would be of immense help.


Synonyms to attar


Attar oil

Perfume oil

Attar perfume

Attar fragrance

Attar perfume oil

Attar fragrance oil


Lets optimize https://flitmart.com/best-selling/attars/best-fragrance-oils-in-india-best-attar-oils-india-make/   For

best fragrance oils,

Best attar fragrance oils

Best attar oils

Top 10 attar oils in India

Example H2

Best fragrance oils as attar [Best attar fragrance oils] in India

Best fragrance oils as fragrant Candle [Best candle fragrance oils] in India

Best fragrance oils as Home Fresheners [Best Home Fragrance Oils]

Check the search for this and try to trim other unnecessary portions:

“best attar fragrance oils in india”

(RANKED portion to be kept ranks at No. 01 with listing)

Lets Do change the H2 as

Best Fragrance Oils as Most Selling Indian Attars [Best Attar Fragrance oils]

H2 “Best Fragrance Oils as Indian Attars [Best Attar Fragrance Oils]

And then

H3 Best Attar Oil Brands in India as Fragrance Oils [Best Attar Fragrance Oils]

Then aaWP plugin list–

H3 Top 10 Attar Oils in Bestselling as Fragrance Oils [Best Attar Fragrance Oils]

##Then importance of list…. for best pricing etc. #######

H3 Best fragrance oils as fragrant Candle [Best candle fragrance oils]

Instead let us use “Best candle fragrance oils” as a KW hyperlinked to a dedicated Post

H3 Best fragrance oils as Home Fresheners [Best Home Fragrance Oils]

Instead let us use “Best Home fragrance oils” as a KW hyperlinked to a dedicated Post

(best home fragrance oils 88 15 17 Great 99)
( best candle fragrance oils 128 22 19 Great 98)

Note: Page is also ranking for “best attar oils in india” at Sr. 02

So consider making separate & solid H3 for this KW also with listing under H3


best perfume oils 40 7 69 Great 96
best perfume oil 48 9 53 Great 96

Best Fragrance Oils as skin perfume oil

(https://www.totalbeauty.com/content/slideshows/best-perfume-oils-180330 )

Best fragrance Oils as Hair care Fragrance Hair oil

(https://www.themiracleofessentialoils.com/best-smelling-essential-oils-for-hair/ )


#Fragrance Oils as Car freshner


(https://www.desertdancer.com/pages/51-uses-for-fragrance-oils )

#Fragrance Oils in Aromatherapy

#Fragrance Oils in Different forms

https://oilhealthbenefits.com/fragrance-oils/   [BEST RESOURCE on FRAGRANCE OILS]




Under Best Hair fragrance oils… You can either use “best essential oils with aroma”or Home made hair oils using essential oils…

however for later you can hyperlink …”Home made hair oils under DIY”


TOP 10 AJMAL PERFUMES has second largest impression after “best attar in India”    … This KW is remotely used once only over “Top 10 ajmal attars”…. Go on creating separate page for it… (AV. Current position 7.7)

IMPORTANT : It appears “TOP 10……” has high CTR for example “top 10 ajmal attar” has 35% .. so try creating page for KW … “top 10…..” wherever possible means where ever it has substantial searches

 AMAZING : “top 10 Ajmal perfumes ” has less than 10 searches but monthly impression 259 at average position of 7.7

Any way based on the Search Result

ajmal perfumes in india    160     28        17        Great  98 (Earlier Data)

ajmal perfumes in india    56        10        19        Great  99

Lets target “top 10 ajmal perfumes in India

ajmal perfumes price        48        9          48        Great  97


trescho perfumes             80        14        57        Great  89

the trescho perfumes       80        14        13        Great  96

top 10 trescho perfumes  <10     <10     3          Great  87

top trescho perfumes       <10     <10     0          Great  87

best trescho perfumes     <10     <10     5          Great  87

trescho attar                       <10     <10     16        Great  81


If you want images also to appear in GOOGLE searches you need to learn ADDING STRUCTURED DATA with your pages…. Here is how



NOTE: YOU have Linked an IMAGE under “best attar for Unisex” to post URL …. Study its effect ….. all other imapdes are at UPLOADS/ folder

(It is like when you hyperlink flitmart on any post to flitmart.com, image on the post is hyperlinked to reach same post … shouldn’t be any issue … instead advantage, when this picture is indexed some body find it clicks it and reaches to ONE of YOUR POST page )

<a href=”https://flitmart.com/best-selling/attars/best-attar-in-india-bestselling-attars-top-attar-brands/”><img class=”alignleft wp-image-2771 size-full” src=”https://flitmart.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Best-Attar-Brands-in-India-for-Men-Women.jpg” alt=”Best Attar Perfume in India for Unisex is here” width=”271″ height=”438″ /></a>

It appears Linking doesnot matter that much Instead to FOCUS on titling & Alt Tags


 Above is a good idea as a REPLACEMENT of CATEGORY & SUBCATEGORY making the URL Smaller and shifting the target KWs near to domains. (Google values it more

This could be set up like: https://flitmart.com/%postname%/%post_id%/

Where Category & Subcategory will be your internal look out









I am changing: 2nd and subsequent H tags as …best attar for men in India

best attar for men    40        7          38        Great  100

(I am going to keep exact KW in Title, Desc, first para, first Htag and last H tag

Google likes size of H3 tag more than H2 … basically donot worry

For this I guess list of my all H3 tags are reflected in SNIPPET at 1st rank


My God

http://mensbeautyhealth.in  &


are by Indian commoner and making use of best of AFFILIATE + ADSENSE >>> Superb Only two year old and daily visitors 1500 daily…. RABINDER  both sites related may be run by HUSBAND & WIFE  …. You can follow


2) Also, let us prepare a separate post on “best Ajmal perfumes in india” –take SEO title impression from draft page 5 / 3

ajmal perfumes in india 160 28 7 Great 98
ajmal perfumes for women 104 18 34 Great 98
ajmal perfumes for men 32 6 15 Great 100



10 best Long lasting perfumes in India

………No NEED .. DO it for Men/Women



Best Perfumes in India Under 600                          (Separate H2 … )

(most SERP results are like this only)

NO NEED …. Do it for Men/Wonemen


Top 10 best selling Perfumes (SEPARATE H2 ).. Done Via aaWP … Change to Plain List

top 10 best selling perfumes                135      23        46        Great   98

top 10 best selling perfumes in india    <10      <10      6          Great   85

top 10 bestselling perfumes                <10     <10      16        Great   87


Best Perfume Brands in India (SEPARATE H2) .. Done!

( Best perfume brands in India   72            13           29           Great    97 make separate H2)

(best perfume brands india          72           13           2              Great    99)

the best perfume brands              82           14           50           Great    99

the best perfume brand               48            9              53           Great    99




The TEXT under H3 :::: can be starter as :

“As the best perfume in India, Black Jack claims prominent positions among popular Ones…..”

So you will optimize the articles both for PLURAL and singular Version of the KW.


how to buy perfume online        387         66           45           Great    94

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the perfumes guide                   75               13           43           Great    96

the perfume guide                     72               13           56           Great    95

perfume guide                             72             13           126         Great    88

perfume scents guide                80              14           11           Great    96

the perfume scents guide         80              14           0              Great    99

(difference between perfume, cologne and toilette … https://youtu.be/Xr_UVvSqvHk   Very good)

Lets use TABLE 6 of TABLE PRESS in the GUIDE : Back to Basics to Get Best of Perfumes

Yes, basics of the perfumes & fragrance making is an important read for you to get best perfumes. It goes here: [table id=6 /]


best selling perfumes     171         30           113         Great    93

bestselling perfumes   <10         <10         103         Normal 79



ajmal perfumes in India                              160         28           7              Great    98

(Search Results have a high no. of Ajmal Eu De Parfum both on Flipkart & Amazon….. Flipkart it appears has  much more buyers in India)

top ajmal perfumes in india                          <10      <10         1              Great    88



31+ top Ajmal Perfumes in India- Best Pricing and Reviews [Updated] 2018


When you have any Back up version of a post, YOAST SEO warns you that you have used this KW once mpre… in fact advises  you to use Key Phrases only once and not become competitor of one of YOUR another post


Markup your web pages with schema.org FOR STRUCTURED DATA to be shown in SERPs,

Schema.org is collaborative efforts of all Search Engines in The interest of Users.


Best perfumes for women: (following are close to BEST PERFUMES for WOMEN in India)

long lasting perfume for women                                                    103                18           82           Great    95

best long lasting perfume for women                              72                13           12           Great    94

top 10 long lasting perfumes for women                          64                11           20           Great    94


Searches related to best perfume for women in India

best perfumes under 300 in india for ladies

best perfumes under 500 in india for ladies

long lasting perfumes for womens in india

best perfumes under 1000 in india for ladies

best perfumes under 200 in india for ladies

best female perfume in the world

best perfumes for women

best perfume for women 2018


bvlgari perfume price in india                     96        17           1              Great    97

bvlgari perfume men price                         252        43           5              Great    97

bvlgari perfume for men price                   252       43           5              Great    95

bvlgari perfume women price                    72          13           3              Great    99

bvlgari perfume for women price             72          13           12           Great    97

 best bvlgari perfume for men                   40           7              15           Great    98

(bvlgari perfume for men                            267        46           78           Great    96)

best bvlgari perfume for women              48           9              7              Great    98

(bvlgari perfume for women                    420         72           50           Great    96)


10+ Best Nemat Attar List [Review]- Bestselling Nemat Attar 2018

Check best Nemat attar list that features top 10 best selling Nemat attar. The Nemat Attar 96 (Majmua by Nemat) has some decades old popularity among Indian users. Almost all Nemat attars stand for true value for money. Get your favourite nemat attar at best pricing today with flitmart.com




 the nemat fragrances    96           17           11           Great    96

nemat fragrances            96           17           52           Great    89

nemat fragrance              56           10           53           Great    89

best nemat fragrance     <10         <10         2              Great    87


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