(SET YOUR GOAL beforehand & Lock AWAY YOUR Profit if you are into trading…. Or go for the safest way.. just HODL and forget for few years… so that when you wake after a year or two you can feel just ok …if you have lost everything at that point of TIME)

all i can say is “why is it 19 degrees in your room?”


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Ron Rocha
Mannn… I want to know you! Thanks for your honesty. Been there done that but not such in dramatic fashion. I left about $150k on the table because of the ridiculous “hodl” philosophy I was subscribing to… hold long, make it big, if only you can hodl… BULL SHIT! There are no promises guy’s. If you can make 1x to 3x gains take profits and convert to fiat so you can buy the hard dips and pyramid your investments. I left 10x gains on the table and these high quality Crypto’s still haven’t recovered from their all time highs. A paper gain means nothing if you can’t convert to hard assets or fiat… don’t be a fool wishing for a pie in the sky- time is NOT on your side in CRYPTO. On the other hand, if you want to take that gamble a leave tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands on the table trying to make it really big- more power to you!


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Ирина Веселова

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Danny Jones
Hey dude. First time I’ve watched one of your videos, so I hope it’s okay to comment. I guess what I really want to say is thank you for sharing your experience with us with such honest brutality. You’ve really let yourself be vulnerable by saying it exactly how it was – the good, the bad, and the ugly. I could certainly relate to many of the aspects you described – and that knot in the stomach sensation that seems to detract from everything else in life whilst you’re in crypto – even if you’re winning. I firmly believe that if I got out, even at a loss, it might be better than sitting with this thing that I and others have noticed is consuming me little by little. Many people say to me take profits and don’t be greedy. I should have done that much earlier on and whilst I haven’t lost a ton, I’m not too far off breaking even. At that point, I’ll take profits, leverage out my initial investment (which annoyingly I’ve already had the opportunity to do!) And then set realistic targets. I feel very grounded after watching your video and I will certainly watch it again to anchor myself back in reality. I’m glad you’re feeling better. Thanks again for taking the time to share in such and honest and vulnerable way. It take a lot to do that. Ignore the negative comments. Most people are just hiding behind a keyboard and wouldn’t have the balls to say it to your face. Best of luck for the future, and keep doing what makes you happy! ?


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quality3334 days ago (edited)

timing was bad If you invested that 20k in LTC in Nov 2016 instead of 17 you would be looking at 1.6million by Dec 2017 Nice christmas gift


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Crypto Kipp

You still made 50k after doing all the math you turned your 24 ethereum from 6400 to 24000 and your litecoin into an additional 30k profit. Youre just a moron. But a lucky one at that.


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JT Smith
I don’t understand the all or nothing attitude some people have. Why were you contemplating selling all of it when you were in the gym? Why not sell half and let the other half ride? Or take out your principal plus a small profit, large profit etc…, and let some ride? It would have mitigated your anxiety and allowed you to profit nicely with the upside of future gains. Anywho thanks for sharing your journey!


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Bit Man
He had panic attacks. Only way to explain those totally illogical series of moves.


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U da ? bro ?



Speed 1.25 is a must!


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Ryan Jorgensen
Thought this was going to trail into a bitconnect story


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Huk 77
You have a gambling problem tbh


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after video buys more lmao



MrAppie1 week ago

Welcome back dude please don’t leave us again no matter what ??

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mk private
bad money management => trading more than 5% of overall funds on a single trade. emotional attachment to trading => entering a trade without predetermined stop/limit levels. non-trader mentality => entering into trades based on “a feeling” instead of analysis. gamble mentality => add to trades while IN the trend, instead of waiting for reversals. meltdown => when ALL of the above create the perfect storm….you loose it all. be careful out there everyone,  and DO THE (HOME)WORK.  great video man, I hope you’ll bounce back!
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Amir Ardat
Why the hell did he sell at a massive loss with such a strong coin,absolute nonsense from a weak mind.


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Miner Bay
I always wondered why Im succesfull investing in cryptos and others not. I think you are the perfect example why. No offense though. Ive gone from a million USD to 400k and I still don’t give a f*** 😉
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What a legend…



armando martinez
22:50 “two and a half kids, and three dogs, actually that can’t be right, it can’t be normal to have three dogs” I’m more concerned about the partial kids.


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Mike Flores

Im down $150k lol it will all come back


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Bought to much- should have other investments with that kind of money- you are a little gambling addicted. I lost a small fortune in stocks- I bought and sold to much. Bitcoin and Litecoin are long term holds as an alternative to the corrupt banks. Our gold and silver are manipulated- crypto is here to give us an alternative. Everyone should hold a small portion- it is fun to watch the charts but we have to be careful we do not start treating it like a gambling instrument or we will get gambling fever. We should also hold some silver bullion to balance the crypto- I do think the banks will lose their control over metals eventually.


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don’t sweat it, i lost 15k on tech stocks these things happen



ryan jones

you don’t lose any money until you sell at a loss. I mean no disrespect but you don’t have the mindset to be involved in crypto.




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Alex J Alemis

As a former professional trader I can say this guy broke about a dozen trading rules. Having said that, I have tried to daytrade Bitcoin and Etherium to no avail. Buy-and-hold is the best strategy. I wouldn’t even touch altcoins until they become Major currencies like BTC and ETH unless you can get them at the ICO phase.




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Royal Car

Litecoin going to be over 2000 USD then you can make one more video crying more…




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Investment rules; Rule 1: Don’t fall in love with your investment. Rule 2: The other stuff like buy low sell high, don’t get greedy, accept being wrong early etc



Ricardo Pinheiro

buy high, sell low 😀




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You have a gambling addiction man. You still came out on top, so you didn’t lose any money, you didnt lose 100k, you never had that 100k because you don’t own it until you pull out.




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Stay In School kids


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why do you keep it  21 degrees f in ur house? u can make ice in ur bedroom



Crypto Floridian

Sounds like the volatility of crypto is emotionally incompatible with your understanding right now. Over the past year, we have seen as much as 30-40% dips in the market about 9 times I think, and the ones who win are the ones who hold strong…yes, HODL. You don’t lose unless you sell at a loss and, if you know this market, you’ll know that we have massive upside with maybe only 1.5% of the global population involved in the space at present. Actually, you very well could be kicking yourself harder when you see the values of these cryptos in a year, and think back to selling your positions. Best of luck whatever you do…but we’ll leave the lights on for ya! ?




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T way

You only LOSE when you sell




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Stop thinking dollars… Think crypto. I still have more btc than last month…


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Dude, you need to get your head in the crypto game. If you are stressing like this then you have invested WAY more than you should. If you are a noob and see your portfolio value going down past your entry, close your blockfolio and walk away. The market works in cycles and provided you didn’t buy and absolute shitcoin like bitconnect you will be fine again.. be patient.




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J- Dawwg

Bro please I hope u didn’t sell




You knot make or loose any money until you cash out. Yes it went up and down but did you loose $100000 of your initial inventment??




CALLED IT!!! EVERYONE PULL OUT NOW!!! IT WILL FAIL!!! LOOK AT HISTORY OF STOCK !most people dont even realize how easy it is to rig your own stock (to get people to hype …then dummys buy into it just to fail it…the ol pump and dump!!) and that stock can actually even be a 3rd party unrelated company stock with the same name!!!… I’m sorry but it is a rookie mistake you double your money sell if it is going to blow up buy in and sell out fast!! my friend lost 250,000 dollars because he trusted a company with bitcoin … greed runs the world and he waited two years to be like look it blew up now im going to call after 2 years and get my money………..ITS MAGICAL THINKING IT ISNT REAL LIFE!! you think that 100,000 was yours!!!! LMFAO dude you wouldnt have been able to sell that unless someone was retarded…… DO massive research in stock…. you probably wont want to do it once you see the history 😀 i sure dont!! hahahaha SELL NOW!!! PUMP AND DUMP !


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1of 7billion

Wow Brother. Love the honesty. You’re not stupid at all. What I have learned in this life is that “Conquering oneself” is the most difficult task. Once you’ve accomplished that, things like the ones you’ve described become simple. So keep on keeping on. You’ll be fine. Regards:




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Kevin van Dorst


wtf man, just hold ffs.



Tristan Can

You lost 100 000$ because of that Mac in the backround XDDDDDD



Lewis Costin

Why would anyone sell at a loss. Pointless.




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Josh William

Respect for being honest! The classic noob story, brah weak hands!!!




Nice tweak!



SEO Service





Its your own fault for not doing the proper research before starting. You goofed hard. If you cant hack it stay out, and also love that u made this video while it dips, which is completely normal at this time of year btw.




this dude is dumb, He bought at $70 and $90…He still Made a profit when it hit a low $140 you sound so Greedy and don’t belong in this Market at all… smh



Alex Darby

If you cannot handle holding your crypto currencies then do not buy into them in the first place. Crypto currencies are a long term investment. Not a short-term one.




Are you drunk?


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Mister Anderson

You made me relive a similar experience I had about 5 yrs ago trading commodities right near the end of the bull, end of 2007 on S&P Futures. I was doing great, had a system, making money, then one day I pulled my stop because I “just knew” the sharks were running stops and I would be stopped out only to see it bounce right back up as I had so many times. Only this time it fell further, and so I pulled my stop again and now I was committed. That ugly life sucking ride from hell lasted for 2 weeks and took me right to the edge of losing everything I had ever accumulated in my whole life. I could not eat, sleep, think, communicate, nothing. When it finally returned to break even, I closed my position and sleep like a meth addict coming off a 2 month binge. I have never forgotten, I have never day traded again, but it wasn’t until watching your video that I remembered how it all felt. There is truth in what you shared about earning things. There is also truth in the slow steady collapse of the dollar and everything denominated in it, and the value crypto has to retain your saved earnings while the dollar savings are raped and pillaged. Pick a coin (a few coins) you can believe in, trade the fiat you wish to save for some, store them on a hardware wallet and look once a quarter to rebalance your portfolio with new insight added this quarter. Go back to doing what you love, walking those dogs. I have traded many fiat digits for crypto assets, but I have never traded any crypto for fiat yet, and hope I never have to. Began in 2009 and have never regretted any of those choices. I still trade my excess fiat for cyrptos and curiously wonder on the world that almost is and my role in it! Thank for sharing, hope you keep some of those crypto coins and tokens and NEVER EVER DAY TRADE AGAIN!



Baba Booey

I made $90k in about 2 months riding mostly XLM and XRP up, but than through stupid panic Market trades and poor buying and selling day trades lost about $55k of that.  Easy come, easy go…




great stuff more reason to just hodl! 🙂 thanks or sharing your stories The best thing to do is to just hold for 12 months or more. you have to pay double taxes on earnings if you sell in under 12 months too!! HODL! I’m up about 350% by just buying every time it crashes or dips. THen I just dollar cost average (spread the money you buy in over time) and never sell when it’s crashing or going down. People who are weak handed should just hold their coins and make 1000% returns in a year If you had just bought in October and held it until now you would probably be making a video ” How I made $300k in Bitcoin Litecoin & Ethereum” Just buy and HODL edit I forgot to mention bud any losses you make you can WRITE OFF in taxes just like with stocks. So bring your coinbase statement to your accountant during tax season and at least you can write off your $60k (or whatever it is) loss. Thank you uncle Sam



Christoph Mader

how can you loose 100 k with crypto when you invested so early? I mean even after the crash LTC is worth a lot more than you bought it


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you haven’t lost until you sold don’t spread bad fud before actually knowing what you’re into thanks



Robert Mcgee

My greed ass didn’t set a goal. Lesson learned for next time.




you know you can take out a little bit at a time right?




Hehe Lose Is Apart Of Game Bro Good Luck And Folow Me If You Want To Recover



Ant John

stop limits


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Chicago Herps Inc.

You got into crypto too late


Mother Nugget

nice video…very genuine …


ZJ10 Menendez



Parjanya Christian Holtz

Great video, man. You lost some dollars, but gained my respect and a sub, and I don’t even know what your channel is about! Hang in there.



Dogecoin best coin.



You got to know when to hold ’em, Know when to fold ’em, Know when to walk away, And know when to run. You never count your money When you’re sittin’ at the table. There’ll be time enough for countin’ When the dealing’s done.



Cryptos will teach the meaning of void to a lot of people and by void I mean a situation where you own lots of money.


Tod Demi

very good video, really happy for you that you’ve realized the danger of being obsessed with quick rich schemes/scams as I felt exactly the same way as you although I’ve only been involved very little but I had the bad feeling right the first time I got involved and I pulled out straight away. I thought it is somehow wrong that I rely on something like crypto to earn me money, not my personal skills, education and satisfaction of doing something for someone. well done, just live your life and do your best and you will feel truly happy!


Danny Hudson

I enjoyed your video and great advice , I like your honesty and your emotions was pretty much the same as mine. I got advice for you don’t give upon crypto currency all together because if it goes back up you might feel bad, invest something very small so you can say ho well I still made a little. What the gain and lost did for you was invaluable knowledge and emotion you couldn’t get from watching someone else lose all that money. You will make money and you will be successful and the experience you had will see you right next time your in that position or possession of large funds ,never give up on that and follow your mind all the way peace and thanks again for sharing your story.



Right now its a perfect time to buy 😉


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Rick Tanchuk

dog and the bone bra



On the $30k story, the correct approach was: Mic Drop => GTFO. Thanks for the story though, gives perspective.


Snsd Jerry

It’s been a long day without you my coins and I’ll never think about it when i spend it again



SeaJay Oceans

You sell up to 50% to recover your hardware costs, until you reach Day-Zero. Day Zero is when your mining rig has literally purchased itself, and you have recovered all the hardware costs in net earnings cash. Day 1 is when you’ve recovered all the electricity costs right up to that day. After Day 1, everything else is profit.


Christopher flippo

So gay I spend this on fertilizer



Francisco Santos

Thank you brother. This actually helps me a lot in my life. I’m not expert bro but the crytocurency is going to stay here for a while or forever just don’t invest to much and never expected twice or even 5 times if you win a little more than your original invest me that is a win already. Anyway thank you again for your life experience. This video helps me a lot for future experience. And because of that you just earn a new subscriber here. Thanks ???


Long Nguyen

lol… thanks for the great laugh… but at least you’re still profiting 😀


Rick Tobin

Man you have to just put in what you can afford to lose. Don’t think about it turn off your computer and HODL. Don’t try to catch a falling knife.




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joshua hoppe

Doesn’t help when everyone started to sell there bits like idiots, it dropped the price.


Ben M

It sounds like you made money buddy…..



Shiiit man. Ya I am in your same situation. Not with crypto but with stocks in general. It is some crazy gambling for sure



Hey I DON’T feel for you. But I understand you cause I’ve been in your shoes, when I first started investing. Honestly you’re not stating anything all that new from what the stock market is. You were putting a lot of money in an investment and didn’t know basic investing. All this talk is the same trend and risk that an amateur investor in the normal stock market takes. There is soooo much investor 101 information out there on the internet. You should have just read up on when to talk profit out of the market. And your message of willing to lose all of what you invest is only part of it, SELF-CONTROL & DISCIPLINE is the major message. Risks are risks. You talked about a $20 fluctuation and money to be made, there is also money to be lost. And I’ve been there and made money and lost money, some was my own greed though, thinking things would keep going. As far as this cryto currency honestly I think it’s being promoted heavily so a few can profit from the many what I would call just average people that are going to work, trying to make an honest living, and hope to make an extra few bucks on crypto. I know though that if someone thinks they are going to be a millionaire from investing $20k, or $40K, etc. You really need to get a reality check.



Greed. It’ll get you every time.




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