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Published on Dec 22, 2017

(Not sure about future of Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency but VERY great potential of the technology underlying ie, BLOCKCHAIN.

So it is my intuition: The cryptocurrency more and more advanced in Blockcjain will sustain.. to my knowledge ..most of the companies are using etherium as their plateform… so etherium ….  Could be very very big (Similarly Application intensive: Ripple, Verge.. could be )

Cryptocurrency is only one possible use of BLOCKCHAIN

Bitcoin primarily aimed to a currency

Etherium primarily aim to provide smart contract Platform

Ripple primarily mean for transaction network between Banking and financial institutions.

Cryptocurrency is NOT AN INVESTMENT rather an opportunity

Stephen Baldwin doesnot own Bitcoin but owns ETHERIUM and other altcoins.)

Ethereum Give Away 0.1 ****Like the Videoand Post A Comment Below to Enter!**** Next crypto currency video I will announce the winner! Captains of Industry Talk About BitCoin – Jack Ma, Elon Musk, Warren Buffett – Bitcoin Talk Bitcoin Talk- Famous and Rich people talk about bitcoin. Jack Ma on bitcoin. Elon Musk on bitcoin. Stephen Baldwin on bitcoin. Warren Buffett on bitcoin. Like to tip a gift- Ethereum Address 0x42a2Fd57853d55a4845b89d5c8d98E9E11D6aF97
Stephen Baldwin……hahahah….idiot.


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lucky adeloye
I have read books and watched thousands of videos on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, the work of Andeas Antonopoulos, Canadian senate committee hearing on it, I do not think Warren Buffet has devoted much of his time to understand the technology. I see cryptocurrency as the future of money!!
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Money Demons
I really liked Jack Ma speech where he says it is not shameful to accept what you dont know, it is shameful to pretend to know something when you dont. Thank you for the contest. Hope you have a Happy Holidays with your Family & Friends. Wallet: 0x851f9012DEd0b3B8e312D7078DD6beF5ddb507d1
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Patrick Heaton
Everyone’s excited about blockchain not bitcoin 0xf4baf3a5199d494fe5814cdbd52e3a36013bf51b
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Does anyone know when that Elon Musk inverview happened? He doesn’t seem very informed about the underlying technology, I would expect him to have researched blockchain technology extensively given his tech based business endeavors. 0x86202cBEBa73788846D40d4416F184D5dB9402a2
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Tezera Mogess

Jack Ma was so damn hilarious LOLL

Nom Inconnu
I don’t believe in Bitcoin, the speculative bubble is not stable enough to even pretend that there is a real future for the technology ; but I really think that some altcoins are worth the opportunity. Thanks for this video, here’s my ETH address : 0x73A7AcD004B0e8AE0159d7010FaF901133a42208
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Who cares what a nutcase like Stephen Baldwin thinks?
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Voltas Cernobilis
Just buy Verge (XVG) and be HAPPY! TOP currency! Private and safe. GOING 100x in week!
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Oliver Sargent

Nobody can truly predict where it will end up in a few years, not even the “experts”. Wallet: 0x5Df6F9db2fB1f42915e275d1521963C56B273141

Robert Klaassen
My first and foremost concern about investing into cryptos is how safe is our personal information (ID) be online. If I should sign up with an online wallet, which could probably require several wallets in order to trade. And I also suspect that the Trezor types hardware wallets would still require an online wallet or wallets with all one’s personal details in order to buy and sell cryptos. So my main concern is, how secure would my personal information (ID) be online ?… Under the Terms and Conditions of any wallet, it tells me that it’s NOT safe in any way whatsoever !…
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Jane Bovary

I am really annoyed at how they kept talking about bitcoin and not about crypto currencies in general.
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Buffett may be wealthy… But he doesn’t know he is talking about.

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Corruption = Taxation . Enough said.


Edo Cellar
0x70e986dd4ecf4cb36cb76866dc1297008badfd0e Merry Xmas!



Denny Yoze

Thank you for the video. Blockchain is the future, maybe near, maybe far. My ETH address: 0xea2407b926d275d9047983fb11f40fef08b3bce1


Alright, I need to know more about Jack Ma. I love his statement about it being very shameful to pretend you know something 3:44.



Marcus Azzaro

Eth:0xc6a204348089430f48288d68dd22144c02d3ffce Happy holidays 🙂


nana baah

Merry Xmas ETH:0xb1Dd99f8296d776941A3a1f9b5d913cB1565e24C


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Jacob Hoedl

Merry Christmas, thanks for putting this on 🙂 – 0xec416f7458956c4e20c28853470db349fd2a5de0


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