Published on Dec 23, 2016

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Brendan Keane

this model replaces the trusted authority with the manager (trusted authority) governing the miner community, though it seems from this presentation that the Mono-authority is replaced by a Multi-cephalic gossip community. The Beta test will be governed ethically to get the system up and running, but once the tipping point is reached, the new beta authority (who owns Bit Coin’s platforms) can assert whatever insidious spy technology he wants to pervert the community of verifiers with dishonest agents. To ignore this problem is to misunderstand the long-term implications of Bit Coin. I think this blaring problem can be overcome, but not if the implicit authority issue of who owns Bit Coin’s platform is cutely ignored.

Laurier B

“decentralized” is the key word…he says….paypal is centralized while bitcoin is decentralized ( ie he says )….in a decentralized environment we have a bunch of coin miners ( bitcoin ) who compete to find coins to supply the demand. This is electricity intensive and the best prepared miners generally win out over the less prepared ( consider that McAfee plays this game and Zuckerberg is likely getting into it ). This ( IMO ) is a potential pitfall for crypto currency…why…because it then has become part of a competition between a few elitists who control the crypto environment ( for profit…big profit – much like the current ( conspiracy theory ) bankers who control central banks ). If so…then bitcoin ( even though decentralized ) is just the same old same old. Or it may be a much worst form of currency since no one can escape being wired ( rfid’d ?? ) to fit the crypto currency world where each and every transaction can be followed all the way along to chain from sender to receiver….. What am i missing ???? Don’t jump to the conclusion so quick…mother always said….Rainer maria rilke



I found this presentation interesting, also I am wondering if a corrupt gov will be interested in a block-chain voting system, I vote: “they want” so all this said its a new way to cheat ppl into what perhaps a view powerful block-chain controlled PCs dictate , it might be better than what we have now, perhaps we have more problems because now we dont have anybody to blame anymore for results besides the blockchain, which does not answer because ..Block-chain did the right thing..or what


Emmanuel Tah

Speaker tried to be basic in explaining & that was really good. Sometimes its preferable to keep humour out especially when not good at it. meanwhile the crowd here was so wooden and icy.




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