Didn’t understand a word. But makes me want to buy it.


Jim Holmes

Great interview. The illustrations during the discussion were helpful.



The price of ETH will soon be as high as Vitaliks IQ.


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swart kat

ETH is the future


Kathy Hernandez

Vitalik is truly a nice humble guy just trying to make a difference. And it’s working. I am in ETH 100 percent.


They open their mouth and all i can think is “-wow…i´m so stupid…”



Vitalik could become the richest person on earth, but he’s way to humble to let that happen.. Greatest respect for this guy!


George Sabljak

Man his voice sounds like the voice that Steven Hawkins uses to communicate with !


S Cin

Vitalik is really likable. Reminds me of geniuses I have met in graduate math departments. Will be buying into Ethereum.


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Duncan Maclean

He sounds like Stephen hawking


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Benna 54321

His brain does things mine doesn’t

Albert Morley

I always felt pretty inteligent and i feel like a neanderthal compared to this dude 😉


I love how videos on the topic of decentralization are shaking off nasty comments on Youtube. It feels as though people are acquiring hope, and I think a very bright future and peace are awaiting all of us. Those who are in control are going to be forced to peacefully surrender it, and we might very well end up in a world full of genuine cooperation very soon.


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Excellent interview. Thanks Julie.



vitalik my mothafuckin nigga


Never Feed the Roaches

Vitalic is a robot sent from the future! Look at his cranium, future human. Speaks like a future robot. His frame is build for food supplementation, that’s why he looks malnourished.


Vitalik for President


Z. Zul

His young and intelligent brilliant than Bill Gates


Angelina K.

Smart contracts god



Absolutely superb interview. What a great host she managed the interview perfectly. Engaged well, asked great questions, knows the subject, have him time to speak. Absolutely great content. Vitalik deserves to be where he is.


E Wilkow

another amazing genius



Great interview.  He makes me feel stupid,  but I’m just starting to buy Ethereum and it’s paying well.   Thanks.


Luciano Ropero

OMG his “Hard Fork” shirt! Hilarious 😀


Benna 54321

She done well to keep up with him!


Filip Nawrot

this lady was very well informed. Nice to see interviewer with good understanding


James Lardakis

Im a believer.



great interview


Aleksander Fras

He should probably candidate for President of the World 🙂


Duncan Maclean

Uuurrrrrr help mum i can’t understand


Guy Dunlap

Are they dating? If not they should be. Boom.


Diver Dan

He doesn’t even have to speak you can see from his head shape his brain is massive & his eyes are all over like a mad genius… Doesn’t come over as a James Bond baddie though so we’re all safe for now..


Nkosi Nu Heka Kau Sen

Government is not a form of certainty, she is out of her mind.

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Nice Trade

cryptos were cool at the start, but they belong to Wall Street now.. Dotcom bubble on crack.. tho out of the ashes i think ETH will develop into one of the next big techs .. ETH could become the world’s first trillion dollar company..


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This interview was way back in december last year.


Nic B

Thank’s Vitalik, you are a genius.

I think we might have found the next Elon musk.

Oleg Zlepca

holy shit, this guy makes me feel like really small, almost invisible. I admire this guy with all my inner.


Tai Lopez is a TOOL

med kiss

sorry i have to dislike great kid great project but saying decentralized !!!

Alonzo R.

Seeing what he was saying via illustration helped me to stay focused on Vitaliks expansive knowledge of this whole new universe, which we call Web3. Seems very dedicated to the mission and that’s the kind of Leader I’ll be investing in. #Ethereum ? ?

Whats his net worth now?

Dac Toan Ho

Great interview

Michael K

Kids in a basement are going to run this world one day. And run it well.

Mark Freeman

Vitalik is suffering the dilemma faced by many a rap-star. He started off poor so his narrative was compelling, but now he is insanely rich. That must impact your philosophy on life somewhat.

big pey

Well done video and good editing.

Mihai Gabriel Szabo

my girlfriend walked in on me while watching this and she asked me “wtf are you watching? is that guy sick?”

Everyone should watch the movie (Europa the last battle) decentralization is necessary

During the interview I caught myself on thought that Vitalik is… an Allien! 😉

Moto Acidic

Many may not think of or know of it right now but this man is going to be mentioned in history books as the man that broke the norm for the society we live in now and invented something that truly revolutionized our day to day lives in the coming future. May not be in the next 5 years or so but it is coming eventually.

Hans Jürgen Vetter

Funny … Etherium’s zentralization has a name … Vitalik … 😉

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Ɐha Hah

Who am I to uphold unrealizable normative claims?

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